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Andy’s solo instrumental ukulele album Marked Card was released in 2014 and he has been performing solo instrumental concerts and festivals in the UK and internationally. His compositions have been used on many TV and radio programmes. He crafted his music and his career as a session guitarist working with various artists in the studio and stage. He has also written and published academic papers on music, acoustic ecology and composition and delivered seminars and lectures to aspiring musicians and contemporaries within the industry. Andy released a second album Sankey Brown - Never to Fade in 2016 which was a joint project with Ray Brown (singer songwriter), he formed and performs in a duo - Scarlet Coast with Chloe Hazel (singer, songwriter and actress) and performs nationally and internationally, he also continues to compose music for TV, radio and film and has consulted in the development of music, performing and production arts qualifications at the University of the Arts London and written for Ukulele Music Info. Andy is available for private ukulele tuition and is a member of Tutorful where members can book 1:1 online tuition with him.

Synchronisation work


As well as composing music for performance and collaborative projects Andy also composes music for synchronisation and published by Synctracks. His work has been celebrated and promoted by Synctracks by making him one of their composers in spotlight and included many of his compositions on their albums including; Folk Festival and Acoustic Folk.





Recently remastered, Andy's solo album Marked Card was released in 2014, this collection of original songs returns to the roots of ukulele with a classical feel. He has been performing at various concerts and festival across the UK and internationally.



Never to Fade released 2016 is a feel good country folk collaboration between Andy Sankey and Ray Brown ‘Sankey Brown’, this is their first official release although they have worked together on various music projects in the past.



Andy uses a Cordoba 32T-CE in the studio allowing for blended acoustic and electro acoustic recording. For shows and concerts he uses a Godin MultiUke Koa HG with a Cornell custom acoustic valve amplifier.


“This sounds excessive but I worked closely with Dennis Cornell developing this amplifier and the sound is one of the best sounding and representative acoustic amplifiers I have used.”

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